Fitzgerald Tract

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The Fitzgerald Tract is a piece of land owned by the town of Woodbridge. There are vegetable gardens located on the piece of land. The park has a track in the center that is open and is available for running on. There is also a series of markers placed throughout the property to inform you of how far you have traveled.

General information

Parking Spaces 8-10 at Beecher Rd.
Activities Hikin, running
Train Maintainer Town of Woodbridge
Trail map HikeCT large trail map

Red Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color Blue
Length .59 miles
Altitude Gain South to North: 148 ft

North to South 115 ft
Approximate Hike Time .27 hours
Trail Condition Dirt / Grass

Near the gardens, there are no red blazes. If you walk East between the stone wall and the gardens it will lead you to where the red blazes pick back up. Just past the gardens the trail enters the woods. This entrance can be hard to find. Continue walking East beyond the gardens. As the woodsbegin to jut out in front of you, head towards them. It might be helpful to review the satellite imagery.

Blue Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color Red
Length 0.35 miles (from Alice Newton Memorial Park to Beecher Rd.)
Altitude Gain North to South: 62 ft

South to North 10 ft
Approximate Hike Time .15 hours
Trail Condition Dirt

The trail appears to continue across Beecher Rd, however it is very apparent that this portion of the trail has not been maintained. Heading North from Beecher Rd, it is passable.