Alice Newton Street Memorial Park

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The Alice Newton Street Memorial Park is located in Woodbridge, CT. The park trails are very easy to walk on. The main paths are wide and offer little elevation gain. There are a number of smaller lesser traveled trails which criss cross through out the park.

In the North West corner of the park there is a small cascade.

The park borders serveral private properties. While the trails do not cross pruvate property, there are several places where houses are in clear view of the trails. Please be considerate of the home owners' property.

Note that the trail colors that are painted on the trees do not correspond to those on the main map located near the town hall. The trail colors on HikeCT match those painted on the trees in the park.

General information

Parking Spaces 20+ spaces
Activities Walking, Hiking
Pets Yes, on a leash per park rules
Trail Maintainer Woodbridge Park Association
Trail map HikeCT large trail map


Trail information

Blaze Color Blue
Length 0.91 miles
Altitude Gain South to North: 102 ft

North to South 75 ft
Approximate Hike Time 0.31 hours
Trail Condition Crushed gravel then dirt

Meadow Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color Yellow
Length 0.41 miles
Altitude Gain North to South: 7 ft

South to North 46 ft
Approximate Hike Time 0.13 hours
Trail Condition Dirt

West Boundary Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color Red
Length 0.64 miles
Altitude Gain North to South: 43 ft

South to North: 66 ft
Approximate Hike Time 0.19 hours
Trail Condition Dirt