Housatonic Range Trail (CT)

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Trail information

Altitude Gain
Trail Condition Dirt, Rocky
Activities Walking, Hiking
Pets Yes
Trail Mantainer
Connecticut Forest & Park Association
Trail map HikeCT large trail map


The Housatonic Range Trail is part of the blue blazed system. The northern terminus is at the Gaylordsville Cemetery in Gaylordsville, CT. There isn't really much of a parking lot at this location, but you can pull off the road and fit 3-4 vehicles.There are parking lots on Concord way and Kent Rd.

Unfortunately there are several places along this hike that go through developments. There are also serveral spots where the trail follows a road. See the large map for these places.

Candlewood Mountain Rd to the top of Candlewood Mountain

Trail information

Blaze Color Blue
Length 1.39 miles
Altitude Gain North to South: 866 ft

South to North: 184 ft
Approximate Hike Time .96 hours
Trail Condition Dirt, Rocky

A little more than .5 miles up this trail there is a split. The blue-white blaze offers an easier route up the trail. At this point the blue blazed trail continues through a rocky area that will require some scrambling (climbing without ropes).

Kelley's Slide

Trail information

Blaze Color Blue-Red
Length .37 miles
Altitude Gain South to North: 171 ft

North to South: 289 ft
Approximate Hike Time .45 hours
Trail Condition Dirt

Kelley's Slide is an exposed piece of bedrock that slopes down to a drop off. It is particularly dangerous during the winter when ice forms on it. The Red-Blue Kelley's Slide trail should only be attempted by experienced hikers. The trail is very narrow and there is a very sharp drop on the east side of the trail. The trail also does not have very good foot placements. There is a very shallow cave formed by rocks at the south east most portion of Kelley's Slide.