Zoar Trail

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Outer Loop

Trail information

Blaze Color Blue
Length 6.38 Miles as loop
Altitude Gain 1083 feet over entire loop
Approximate Hike Time 4 hours
Fee free
Trail Condition Dirt path
Parking Spaces 15
Activities Hiking
Pets Yes
Trail map HikeCT large trail map


The Zoar Trail is a blue blaze trail maintained by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. This trail exists within the Paugussett State Forest. The outer loop trail is closed during the summer to protect native nesting birds. The trail passes by the Prydden falls. This trail has a varity of mushrooms with interesting colors.

There is ample parking available for this trail. At the end of Great Quarter Rd, there is a large turn around that doubles as a parking lot. The trail length includes the distance walking along the road to complete the loop back to the parking lot.

Half way through the trail when the trial starts to loop back onto itself there is a very sharp gain in elevation. This part of the trail should not be attempted by beginner hikers.

Inner Loop


There is a blue and yellow trail which closes off the end loop of thr trail and forms the shorter inner loop. This trail should be taken between the dates of April 15 and August 15.