Tedesco Trail (CT)

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The Tedesco Trail was the gifted to the Watertown Land Trust in 2004. It consists of 26 acres of land to the East of Aunt Olive Rd. The parking lies at the intersection of Sand Bank Rd and Aunt Olvie Rd. There is a large shoulder to park on with room for 3 cars.

Be careful when hiking this trail. There are blazes continuing beyond the foot bridge at the northern most portion of the trail. Make sure to ignore these blazes and turn left if following the trail clockwise. The blazes lead to an open swath of land with no well defined trail.

Trail information

Blaze Color Blue
Fee Free
Length .66 miles as loop
Altitude Gain Clockwise loop: 130 ft

Counter Clockwise loop: 394 ft
Approximate Hike Time

.3 hours

Trail Condition Dirt
Trail Maintainer Watertown Land Trust
Trail map HikeCT large trail map