Southford Falls State Park

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Trail information

Blaze Color Orange
Length 1.40 Miles outer loop
Altitude Gain Clockwise: 230 ft

Counter Clockwise: 230 ft
Approximate Hike Time .62 hour
Fee free
Trail Condition Dirt path
Parking Spaces 15+
Activities Hiking, Walking, Ice Skating, Cross country skiing, Fishing
Pets Yes
Trail map HikeCT large trail map


Southbury Falls State Park is right off of route 188 in Oxford, CT. The park contains picnic tables, a pond and the Southford Falls for which its named.

There is a short red loop trail in the park that is roughly 2 miles long. If you plan on taking this trail make sure to keep your eyes peeled as there are a couple very sharp turns. There are several deer paths which may continue straight where you are suppose to turn and can make it easy to get off path. There is a couple steep climbs in the path but for the most part it is very flat.

If you don't want to do the full loop, the red loop trail follows the Eightmile Brook for a ways before cutting into the forest with a sharp turn. The walk along the brook is very pleasing and offers almost no elevation.

Just past the waterfall there is also a covered bridge with some old world charm. From the bridge you can look down on the stream flowing under it. There are also some picnic tables near by.

Roughly half way around the loop there is an old fire tower. This fire tower is open and you can still climb up in it. Make sure to use caution though as the steps are very wide. Unfortunately there isn't much of a view left at the top of the tower. The trees have grown up around it reducing visability.