Rocky Glen State Park

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Trail information

Fee free
Trail Condition Dirt path
Parking Spaces See description
Activities Hiking
Pets Yes
Trail map HikeCT large trail map


Rocky Glen State Park is a small narrow swath of land. The park contains a number of metal plaques along the trails with historic references. Al's Trail is one of the trails that pass through this park. Shortly along Al's trail(the yellow trail) there is a spectacular ~30ft man made waterfall.

Parking: There are a few ways to access the park. There is a turn around at the end of Dayton St. where the south end of the park starts. Dayton St is very narrow and there isn't really parking room at the turn around. There is a bridge that goes from Glen Rd to the end of Dayton St. There is a parking lot on Glen Rd for the park. In order to get to the bridge to cross to the south end of the park where Al's Trail starts you will have to walk north of Glen St.

White Trail

Trail information

Blaze White
Length  .38 Miles North to South
Altitude Gain

85 feet North to South

46 feet South to North

Approximate Hike Time  .16 hours


This trail does not have painted blazes. The trail is marked with white metal diamonds. This trial provides a loop in conjuction with a section of Al's trail.