Platt Park (CT)

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Platt Park


Note: This park is open to Southbury residents only.

Platt Park is located in the town of Southbury, CT. It is a permanent wildlife preserve with hiking trails. The park is 106 acres large and contains roughly 14 miles of hiking trails. There are two parking lots. One is located on Old Poverty road and has parking spaces for about 4 cars. There is also a dirt parking lot located off of Flood Bridge Rd. Flood Bridge Rd is a dirt road. The parking lot is accessed by driving up the driveway of a red farm house. There is parking for 6 cars in this lot. There is also access via side roads but there is no parking at these locations.

General information

free, Southbury Residents only
Parking Spaces 10 spaces
Activities Walking, Hiking
Pets No pets
Trail Maintainer Southbury Conservation Commission
Trail map HikeCT large trail map

White Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color WHite
Length 0.0 miles
Altitude Gain North-East to South-West: ft

South-West to North-East ft

Heading North, the white trail starts on Flood Bridge Rd and heads up the red farm house driveway. At the gate it merges with the Yellow trail for a brief moment until you reach the parking lot. From the parking lot it continues on a grassy mowed path with the blue trail. Keep your eyes open - during the summer there are black raspberries in this area.
The white trail eventually separates itself after crossing the red trail and continues out to East Hill Road. On the other side of the road, it continues to Transylvania Rd.