Piper Trail (NH)

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Chocorua Mountain

Trail information

Blaze Color Yellow
Length 4.02 miles one way
Altitude Gain South-West to North-East: 3035ft

North-East to South-West: 646ft
Approximate Hike Time

3.3 hours from South-West to North-East

2.24 hours from North-East to South-West

Trail Condition Dirt

The Piper Trail leads to the summit of Mountain Chocorua. This trail should only be attempted by hikers with experience. The trail starts very wide at the base. As you start the hike, you will be surrounded by trees. The trail continuously slopes upwards throughout the entire hike. The yellow blazes are not all ways placed at regular intervals. At the top mountain, the yellow blazes are more visible.

The last 1.5 miles is exposed; there are no trees. This means there is no protection from the wind. Gusts can cause a loss of balance and decreased effective temperature.