Nipmuck Trail

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Nipmuck Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color Blue
Fee free
Parking 2-3 spaces at Perry Hill Rd
5-7 spaces at Gurleyville Rd.
Trail Condition Dirt path
Activities Hiking
Trail Mantainer
Trail map HikeCT large trail map


This trail winds along Fenton River for a good portion of it. The trail is very flat in most places and is a good candidate for a beginner's hike. South of route 44 there is a large open field which is a good place to view birds.

Gurleyville Rd to Route 44

Trail information

Length   2.36 Miles
Altitude Gain

187 ft South to North

148 ft North to South

Approximate Hike Time   1.0 hours

Route 44 to Route 74

Trail information

Length   4.73 Miles
Altitude Gain

482 ft South to North

315 ft North to South

Approximate Hike Time   2.52 hours

Route 74 to Perry Rd.

Trail information

Length   1.25 Miles
Altitude Gain

144 ft South to North

43 ft North to South

Approximate Hike Time   1.47 hours