Mount Tom State Park (CT)

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Mount Tom tower


Mount Tom is a state park located in Litchfield, CT. While being one of the smaller state parks, Mount Tom has a lot to offer. There is swimming and lots of picnic tables located near Mount Tom pond.

At the top of the yellow trail there is a tower which allows for scenic views of the sourrounding area. The wooden steps inside of the tower are a little shaky and the opening to the top is a little narrow but the views are worth it.

Trail information

Blaze Color Yellow
Fee DEP fee page
Length 1.33 miles as loop
Altitude Gain Clockwise loop: 479 ft

Counter Clockwise loop: 394 ft
Approximate Hike Time

.6 hours

Trail Condition Dirt
Trail Maintainer DEP
Trail map DEP trail map
HikeCT large trail map