Mendell's Folly

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Mendell's Folly

Trail information

Blaze Color Yellow
Length 1.68 Miles as loop
Altitude Gain 370 feet over entire loop
Approximate Hike Time .77 hours
Fee free
Trail Condition Dirt path
Parking Spaces 2 (side of the road)
Activities Hiking
Trail map HikeCT large trail map


Mendell's Folloy is a great hike. The path takes you past a marsh where a variety of birds can be seen. Unfortunately though there is not any real parking available for this hike. The only parking is along the side of the road near the entrance to the hike. There may be parking available on the west side of the hike, but it is not immediately obvious where to park or how to get there.

The East end of the hike is a little over grown, but the blazes are well placed. The only tricky one is when you start to walk through the ferns. The trail path seems to disappear a little at this point. Continue up the hill away from the marsh and the next blaze can be seen.

There are some short steep sections near the eastern tip of the marsh and it is highly recommended that hiking boots are worn. Once you get around the eastern tip of the marsh, there is a trail heading south away from the marsh. This trail goes through an older forest and it is spectacular.

There is a sign at the west end of the trail designating the trail as Mendell's Folly, but it is not obvious how you would get there without hiking first from the East end. The west side of trail has wider paths and is more defined.