Green Hills Preserve (NH)

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Peaked Mountain looking at Washington


The preserve was founded in 1990. Today it contains 5022 acres of land.

General information

Parking Spaces 10-15
Activities Hiking
Pets Yes
Trail Maintainer The Nature Conservancy

Peaked Mountain Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color Blue
Length .83 miles
Altitude Gain North-West to South-East: 791 ft

South-East to North-West 0 ft
Approximate Hike Time .65 hours

Middle Mountain Trail


Trail information

Blaze Color Red
Length 1.34 miles
Altitude Gain East to West: 20ft

 West to East: 1076ft
Approximate Hike Time .61 hours

Peaked Mountain / Middle Mountain Connector

Trail information

Blaze Color White
Length .30 miles
Altitude Gain North to South: 0ft

South to North 223ft
Approximate Hike Time .14 hours

Yellow Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color Yellow
Length 1.09 miles
Altitude Gain West to East: 387ft

East to West: 26ft
Approximate Hike Time .54 hours