Pequonnock River Valley State Park, Indian Ledge Park (CT)

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Platt Park


Pequonnock River Valley State Park and Indian Ledge Park are located in the town of Trumbull, CT. These parks share a border with Indian Ledge Park being north of Pequonnock River Valley State Park.

These parks are a very popular place to go mountain biking. There are lots of unofficial trails, wooden ramps and varied terrain which makes it appealing to mountain biking.

In the middle of the parks north-south, there is a low marsh area that is abundant with vegetation. This vegetation swarms the trail and makes it hard to determine where the main trail is because there are no trees to blaze and there are a lot of unofficial side trails made by the bikers. The parks is also close to Route 25. Because of this in the southern portion of the park, cars can almost always be heard.

The main trails have been relocated over the years and sometimes the side trails have faded blazes which confuse you into thinking you are on the right trail when you are indeed not. If you decide to go make sure you have a detailed map and plan on getting lost several times.

General information

Parking Spaces 100 spaces south lot, 15 spaces north lot (Trumbull residents only)
Activities Walking, Hiking, Mountain biking
Pets  ?
Trail Maintainer Trumbull Land Trust
Trail map HikeCT large trail map

White Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color White
Length 2.8 miles
Altitude Gain North-East to South-West: ft

South-West to North-East ft

At the southern end of the park, the white blazes are faded and can be hard to follow. When the white trail follows the same path as the blue trail in the center of the park, make sure to veer left at the split if you want to stay on the main trail. There is heavy vegetation so its not obvious which choice to make and there is no marker to indicate the direction.

Blue Trail

Trail information

Blaze Color WHite
Length 2.8 miles
Altitude Gain North-East to South-West: ft

South-West to North-East ft

The Blue trail was recently re-blazed in the north section of the park, but the color is a dark blue making it hard to see them against dark trees even in the middle of the day. The blazes aren't always consistently spaced which can make them hard to find at times. Some of the original faded light blue blazes still exist but the don't always follow the newer dark blue blazes which can make finding the trail confusing.