Lillinonah Trail

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Trail information

Blaze Color Blue
Length 5.74 Miles as loop
Altitude Gain 1523 feet over entire loop
Approximate Hike Time 2.8 hours
Fee free
Trail Condition Dirt path
Parking Spaces 20+ at boat launch, ~8 at Echo Valley Rd.
Activities Hiking
Trail Maintainer CT Forest and Park Association (CFPA)
Trail map HikeCT large trail map


This hike is part of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association's blue blazed trails. Starting near the boat launch is also the trail head for Al's Trail. Al's Trail and the Lillnonah Trail run together until the Eastern section of the Lillnonah Trail.

This trail runs along the shoreline of the housatonic river. Unfortunately for most of the trail the tree line prevents a good view of the river. There are a couple of points however where one can go off path a little ways to see the river.

Near the parking lot at Echo Valley Rd, there is an elaborate Maple syrup operation being run by the DEP. The sign at the parking lot indicates that they are testing the sugar content in the syrup. The hoses look very much like a large blue spider web streching out through the trees.

Parts of this trail can be technical and steep. It is highly recommended that hiking boots are worn and that you have some experience before going on this hike.