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General information

What was the motivation for creating this site?

Check out the About page for more information.

What do the different colored dots represent?

The color of dots on the maps correlate to the color of the blazes along the trail. Where there are multiple colors this means that there are multicolored blazes. Blazes that have two colors usually represents an alternative path to the main trail.

Where do you get your trail data from?

All of the points that are represented on the map come directly from a GPS unit that I carry around while hiking.

Are you going to make the trail points into lines?

At this point in time there is no plan to make the trails into lines instead of points. Doings so complicates the code in several ways and it is mostly a cosmetic issue.

Why do the maps only print out with only the trails and no background images?

There is an issue with browsers in which they can render transparent images but those images don't print. The site uses transparent images that are overlayed on top of Google's maps. This issue has been fixed in Firefox 3 and in Internet Explorer 8. It also works in Safari 3 and above.

Can I upload my own trails?

While there is potential for this in the future, there is no current functionaility to do it currently. There are concerns about un-verified trails potentially crossing private land. There is also no user friendly interface for uploading the information. If you could like to be involved feel free to contact us.

Why do some pages say "edit this page"?

While this feature is not available right now there is a the possibility in the feature for registered users to edit the content on HikeCT.

Thank You

HikeCT would like to thank all of the people that wrote freely available public code that contributed to the making of this website. While there are way too may to list, HikeCT would like to warmly thank Google Maps, WordPress, MediaWiki and all the helpful people out contributing and answering questions on the internet.


The maps on this site are informational only. No representation is made or warranty given as to their content, trail conditions or accuracy. User assumes all risk of use. and its partners assume no responsibility for any loss resulting from such use.

Getting Outdoors

What hiking groups are there in CT?

Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)

Green Mountain Club (GMC)

New Haven Hiking Club

What should I bring when I go out hiking?

If you are hiking with a group make sure to ask your hiking leader what trip specific items you might need. It is important to wear hiking boots to prevent sprains and to make sure you always have some food and water with you.

What do the colored symbols on the trees (blazes) mean?

These symbols help guide you along the trail.

Trail Blazes
Go Straight
Turn left
Turn right

Where can I find more information?

The Connecticut Walk Book is a great source of information for blue blazed trails. There are also trail maps on CT's State Parks page.